‘Implementation of building code will check developers’ excesses

‘Implementation of building code will check developers’ excesses

The move by the Lagos State Government to domesticate the National Building Code is a very welcome development, though some of us feel it should have been done before this time. The reason basically is the fact that, given the frequency of cases of building collapse and the casualties there, which are from the Lagos axis for many years. Expectedly, the government should have been very proactive if not for anything but to avert the continuous deaths and associated loss of lives and wastages in this precarious economic time. Lagos State is a peculiar state and being a trail blazer in advancing strategic policies across board which are copied by other states hence the spate and currency of government’s activities must be upscale to match the rate of uncoordinated development in the built environment due to daily influx of Nigerians seeking greener pastures.

That the government seems to be slow in tackling this disgracing menace is one that cannot in anyway be justified.


What do you mean?

Reasons for building collapses have been discussed, argued, presented in different foras both professionally, socially and in government organized platforms hence the reasons and solutions are not skyrocket science.

Major problem is collective dishonesty both by the government and the professionals which the quacks has taken advantage of to unleash the reckless haphazard setting in the built environment. Government must read between the lines and ensure noninterference by professionals cum politicians in offices who do not think of what is good for the whole rather protecting their profession and even going to the extent of annexing other professional’s areas to their profession.

This has been the major problem of bringing out an all-encompassing law that will be far reaching in solving this building collapse’s problem that seems to be malignant.

Professionals’ roles and responsibilities must be clearly defined and adequate sanctions provided for deterrent.


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